CDM Holding NV

About us

CDM Holding NV

About us

Our mission & vision

CDM Holding NV strives to make an important contribution to employment and economic growth in Curaçao. By development and exploitation of the Economic Zones in the port area of Curaçao we create employment and generating abundance for the Curaçao government. Our organizations are active in the technical and maritime sector and offer support in facility management and purchasing. By offering these organizations the opportunity to accommodate in our port and make use of attractive tax incentives, we create a climate for a healthy economic climate and ensure employment in Curaçao.

Our team

Agustin Diaz Jr

Managing Director
Agustin Diaz Jr
  (599-9) 737-0286 ext. 101


  • Elfried Silvio Koots - chairman
  • Marius Hipollyte Römer - member

Full Service

Our companies offer services like purchasing to finding the right technical support one needs to get the job done.

Carribean location

Due to the location of our harbor and Economic Zone in Curaçao we create easy access to the America’s.


With our organizations we strive to contribute to employment and long term economic growth in Curaçao.